Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corwin Levi workshop at Clark Elementary

On Wednesday, September 22nd, exhibiting artist Corwin Levi led two drawing workshops for students at Clark Elementary School. As an introduction to the workshop, Corwin talked about his own works of art and how you can use both words and drawing to make an image. Using examples from his exhibition and other artists, he showed the kids different ways to make art from text, words, and letters.

For the fourth grade workshop, Levi had the children pick out their favorite poem or lines from a poem to include in their project. After picking a poem, the kids wrote the lines on a sheet of paper, and then cut out the words to paste on a poster. It was exciting to see how creative the children could be with an ordinary task like writing. Many of the students chose to write the words in different colors, styles, or sizes, and rearranged the words in interesting ways. After rearranging their poem, they got a chance to decorate their posters with colored markers.

For the first grade and kindergarten workshop, Levi showed them how to make “Alphabeasties” by gluing letters onto a stenciled animal shape. The kids had a lot of fun tracing their animals and decorating it with letters and colored marker.

It was great seeing the kids having so much fun tracing and decorating their animals. Thanks again to Corwin Levi for leading the workshop, and art teacher Aaron Eichorst for having us in the classroom!

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